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Fast, safe and effective solutions to combat many different insects and arachnids:







Bed bug



If you are having a problem with an insect not shown above, call us to setup an inspection. We can provide solutions to many different insect and arachnid species not shown.

About our solutions

We have provided removal solutions for all types of pest problems in Eastern Ontario. We provide solutions for ants, wasps, bedbugs, and many other pests that can damage your property or cause you problems. We also provide pest-proofing measures to ensure that once removed, the pests are gone permanently.

Most insects enter your home or business through attics or wall vents, chimneys, fireplaces, fascia or soffits, or breaches in the structure or foundation. The attraction is a warm site that is free of predators and ideal for giving birth and raising young. For a home or business owner, this behaviour is problematic because they can invite disease, discomfort, and damage to your home.
Our insect solutions make your home pest-free, and help keep it that way. We even provide long-term structural repairs to prevent further intrusion to the home or business.

We know how to properly and humanely remove any animal problem you may be experiencing.

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